“I did my first group session with Sean this morning and he really knows how to get everyone pumped up. I left the class feeling energised and ready for the rest of the day. I will certainly be coming back for more! ” Oliver.


“Sean delivers a high energy high intensity class that motivates me to perform at my best. He always encourages correct technique with so important. Sean’s personality and energy oozes in every class always giving 100%. it’s definitely a vigorous workout which is just what’s needed to break up the working day. “

“Sean is as always as energetic, his enthusiasm is simply contagious every training session.

He takes time to make sure that I understand what I’m doing and how it should be done properly” - Member


OMG! Vigorous training is the best training The Hills has. Sean delivers the most amazing and dynamic work outs. Always energising as he strengthens and develops our fitness. In the month I’ve been with the Vigorous Team I’ve seen changes in my fitness and stamina. My strength had increased more than I could have hoped. I’m so happy I found Vigorous and look forward to the year ahead! Thanks Sean - Member


“Hi Sean,

Thanks for today’s workout, I love that your sessions make me use muscles that I don’t usually use and get me energized for the whole day.

I also love your tips on training/positions and always willing to give more feedbacks and information even after the session is finished.

Another thing that I like about your session is you give very positive vibe – always smiling, never down and always remind people to smile J

I have nothing negative to say about the session, I wish there are more!

Thank you again and looking forward to see you next Wednesday.” - Member


“Hi Sean,
Just dropping you a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying my sessions at Vigorous. In the short time since I’ve started, I’m noticing a huge difference in my technique, the way I am using my body, becoming more aware of my muscles and the way they are all being used, and have built more strength in my shoulders (a weakness of mine from way back!). I really enjoy the atmosphere that has been created at Vigorous, the friendly greetings I get as soon as I walk in the door, and the facilities that you have provided. It’s definitely a way of training that I’ve never been exposed to, and it’s clear that you’re both passionate and excited to teach us from your extensive experience.
In short, I’m loving it and so glad I found Vigorous as my new gym!



Vigorous corporate training is highly recommended. They can tailor it to the needs of each individual even if it’s a group session. “

“I joined this session primarily to lose weight : I have lost nearly 7 kg over 7 months (small however It means a lot to me ) and have been in the session regularly for over 4 months if I am right.

Now my focus has changed to improving postures- I feel so much fit and active – and good posture means great confidence.

Like the way how you say “ Chest proud and chin up right “ ..

Thanks for all the corrections in my posture and making me understand what my body is and how it feels in every simple stretch .

Thank you so much Sean , you and the session have made a great impact and influence over the past few months that I would carry for the rest of my life.

Always looking forward for the next session.” - Member