Vigorous Fitness - Find the Real U @ 132/7 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Vigorous Vision

Creating a dynamic community filled with passion, energy and courage providing the physical and mental strength to FIND THE REAL U!

Indoor and outdoor fitness sessions providing a full body workout with a full range of intensity levels to suit all generations and fitness abilities.


Tuesday April 7th, gym hours will revert back to normal.

The Power of Group Fitness Training

When it comes to exercise, we believe that working out in a group increases results. It's no wonder that group exercise has been such an essential part of the history of fitness.

We take the power of group training and can mould it to fit your personal fitness goals!

In a VIGOROUS training session, everyone is a student and everyone is a leader. Everyone encourages and motivates each other, everyone is committed to giving each other the energy to complete the session and to push you to the next level that you would never dream of accomplishing on your own.