My passion for health and fitness developed from my involvement in school sport, with district and state representation in Netball, Futsal, and European Handball, challenging me to better my skill, resiliency, and tenacity within a team environment. Similarly, district and state level Cross-Country and Athletics carnivals fostered my physical ability, and ultimately allowed me to connect with like-minded athletes whom established my interest in endurance running.

Over the past 2 years, endurance running has centralised my fitness journey, with long distance trail running, my new found passion. I have completed various shorter distance trail events across the state, and more recently, completed the Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Half Marathon, and the Hounslow Classic Sky Run 22km, in which I won my age category. For me, trail running is the pinnacle of mental tenacity and physical endurance, and an empowering mechanism to unlock your best, active life. As a result, I have learnt that encouragement and inspiration are the most effective ways to help people achieve their goals, as a supportive environment is the catalyst for success.

Certificate III and IV in Fitness, as I am dedicated to closely supporting and motivating others to heighten self-belief, igniting their most fit, fierce life. Fitness and health is far from an easy journey, as I have discovered though many physical and psychological challenges, but the opportunity to live a fit and healthy lifestyle is something nobody should be denied. With this, I am offering a base of support to aid the journey towards your fitness goals, providing a range of exercise expertise to help you unlock your best, active life.


Certificate III and IV in Fitness