Do you want these results fast?

Then Vigorous Fitness personal training is for you. With a Vigorous Personal Trainer by your side, you will reach your goals faster than you thought possible.



At Vigorous Fitness, we understand that everybody is different. Our personal training is designed specifically for you.

Stepping into our unique personalized one on one personal training program you will receive the following benefits :

Accountability – Trainers will keep you on track and working towards your goals in and out of training. Whether its nutrition or sleep cycles we will make sure you are putting the effort in away from the program

Motivation – Having an expert there pushing you is an excellent way to surpass your already gained level of fitness. We aren’t there to scream at you like a military camp but we will use motivational techniques to assist you to really push towards your set goals

Gain Good Habits – It’s easy enough to turn up to training give it everything you’ve got go home and sometimes eat well. That’s not what Vigorous Fitness personal training is about, in your consultation you will agree to a commitment that makes you accountable for your own actions outside of training, this we have found accelerates your journey towards your goal whilst giving you the necessary tools to look and feel better everyday

Results – Vigorous Fitness’ expert trainers have had success with countless people from all walks of life. If you’re serious about getting to your goals then join that list and we will ensure you get to your goals


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