You’ve sweated it out in a huge session and now you’re starving! Suddenly the idea of a burger is very appealing.

Here are some hints on how you can avoid the ‘post-workout binge’ and stop yourself from undoing all your hard work!

For some people, exercise inhibits appetite or at least acts as a distraction from eating. Others are tempted to eat more because they believe they have burned off excess food calories and they deserve a reward for all the hard work they have done.

Feeling hungry at any point in the day, not just after exercise, is not ideal. When the body is hungry we tend to eat as much as we can to satisfy ourselves mentally and forget about how full we physically feel.

If you are planning an intense workout session, try one of these healthy snack options (keep your snack small because eating too much before exertion may trigger nausea and cramping)

> Small handful of fruit & nuts
> Low fat yogurt
> An apple with a teaspoon of nut butter
> Small bowl of low GI cereal with low-fat milk

If you are hungry following your session, have a small snack that includes wholegrain carbs to replenish your stores of muscles glycogen and lean protein to repair and build muscle.

> A teaspoon of peanut butter on wholegrain bread
> Egg, ham or tuna on a slice of wholegrain bread
> A fruit smoothie
> Low-fat yogurt with a piece of fruit

Eat within 1 hour. Timing is important because if you wait too long to eat after exercising, intense hunger could trigger overeating or poor food choices.